Early spring promotion season: Guangzhou Tianhe fashion activities

source: browse:29240 Release time:2012-04-12

Spring returns to the earth, and everything flourishes. In Guangzhou Tianhe fashion shopping mall, surging a spring tide. As the largest underground shopping trend center in South China, Tianhe fashion launched a series of theme activities in the early spring. Bring spring breath to the trend life of Guangzhou.


Fashion Tianhe comes in spring. Bring joy and joy to the scene through activities with distinct themes, and we hope for a happy future. In March, the animation festival was held. In half a month, we shared childhood memories with the young trend group and sought resonance. A special bear washing event was also held.


Soon, fashion Tianhe joined hands with German supremacy, Mercedes Benz's modified brand Carlson United Auto Show. On April 1st -15, smart Tianhe Commercial Plaza joined hands with smart to create a great challenge of perfect reversing, and invited customers to try the unprecedented fun of driving in the mall.


3.14 on the White Valentine's day, the four beautiful flowers of "flower after flower" bloomed in the fashionable Tianhe, allowing the audience to enjoy an audio-visual feast. The handsome Youchen, the beautiful Minge, the stage explosive Guqian and the French chanting voice together played the voice of blooming flowers On April 14, Hu Xia, the sixth champion of Taiwan's talent show "super star avenue", chose Tianhe fashion as the starting point of his new album in mainland China. Hu Xia, with his singing style of "clear, warm and affectionate", will win the championship after six months of clearance, and become the first person to win the title in mainland China's "cross platform" hot film [those years, the girls we chased together] Sing the theme song. The cooperation between this young idol and fashion Tianhe once again leads the fashion trend from Guangzhou.

At 4:00 p.m. on April 14, 2012, Prince Hu Xia of Qingquan held a signing ceremony for his new album "burning point" in fashion Tianhe. At 3 p.m., the fans at the scene spontaneously sang "those years", the scene was lively and moving. According to statistics, there were more than 1000 people on the scene that day, which can not be overestimated Tianhe fashion's series of promotion activities in early spring lead the young trend of Guangzhou to the underground of Tianhe gymnasium, which is full of fresh spring style.